Morning Meditation at Unbound London

The Importance of Staying Well When Your Focus is Growing and Scaling Your Business

In an environment
where innovation is the key to success, imagine a tool that will increase your creativity. A tool that will help you thrive, perform at your highest level, be a better leader and have improved focus and decision-making abilities.  


To lead the way
in fueling the digital future, we first must fuel and calm our minds. With technology making us accessible 24 hours a day, it has never been so important to make time to look after our body both physically and mentally! 


this wellness workshop to discover the method and power of a clear mind. Using mindfulness techniques and breathing exercises that you can take away and adopt into your work life.  


Learn to breath
giving you the confidence to respond, the skill of observing rather than reacting. A 2 minute exercise that will instantly lower your stress levels and increase energy levels. A relaxation process that will help encourage the mind to switch off at the end of a busy day.


A trained mind
can be your secret weapon and with it, you can accomplish things you never thought possible. No longer seen as a mythical tradition, it is now considered a serious advantage for anyone in business. 


This is a session
that will encourage you to make time to improve your wellbeing and the importance of looking after yourself whilst you grow and scale your business. It all starts with one breath!


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Day One: 8:30 AM Main Stage. Day Two: 9:00 AM Main Stage.

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