Jennifer Quigley-Jones

Jennifer Quigley-Jones

Founder and Managing Director, Digital Voices

Jennifer is the Founder and Managing Director of Digital Voices, an Influencer and Content Marketing agency. Before starting Digital Voices, she worked at YouTube with UK creators. Digital Voices works with clients like Rolls-Royce, the Royal Air Force and Island Records to design social media campaigns. She believes in making content that your customers want to find.

Whilst at Google, she taught UK creators and brands to grow organically - without spending money on advertising. The role involved data analysis to strategically advise brands on video - at the cutting edge of media and advertising. She advised over 500 partners from a variety of industries - from The Economist, to UNHCR, to music labels and even Facebook prankster Ben Phillips, on brand strategies, taking into account their business objectives.

Prior to YouTube, she completed her Master's at Harvard University in Middle Eastern Studies, on a generous full scholarship from the Kennedy Memorial Trust. Whilst there, she specialised in the Syrian crisis and worked with many non-profits and social enterprises, including the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations.


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