Natalie Haigh

Natalie Haigh

Technology Strategist, Managing Director, Mercury1

Natalie Haigh is the co-founder of Mercury1, a software development company that has been helping entrepreneurs to ‘go live’ since 2005. The Mercury1 team are based all around the globe, and share Nat’s vision for diversity in the workplace, technical innovation, and a sharp focus on client needs… not the size of their account. Nat leads a creative process and culture at Mercury1 that matches her personality, supporting a relaxed and uncomplicated relationship between team members and co-workers that results in a collaborative and straightforward way of working with clients.Nat is a Royal Holloway graduate in Design Thinking, and worked for Procter & Gamble for four years, as well as a manufacturing plant in Germany, prior to founding Mercury1; it’s therefore fairly safe to assume that she will be strategizing your business flow from the moment you meet…

Nat currently lives in Spain, so when not in ‘strategy’ mode she likes to get out in the sun to go running, rock climbing and socializing. And she will never say no to sushi!


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