Deep-dive Workshops at unbound London

In addition to the Main Stage and our trend-focused content streams, our partners are ran a selection of useful Workshops for ticket holders. Scroll down to browse what was in store July 2018. 

How Brands Can Combine Data & Creativity to Innovate Successfully

We're going to agree to disagree in this panel, because consensus rarely provides break-through ideas or innovation. 

Join ATTEST and a selection of super smart leaders in their field for a frank and honest discussion about how brands should (and shouldn't) innovate, with a focus on the use of data and creativity to drive growth, tell compelling stories and win markets. 

Our confirmed panellists include: 

  • Leila d'Angelo, Head of Brand, Urban Massage; 
  • Paul Thomas, Head of Marketing, EE; 
  • Silke Zetzsche, Head of Commercial Partnerships, A Million Ads; 
  • Jeremy King, CEO, Attest.

We'll also have several rounds of interactive Q&A with the audience where we'll see how well aligned you are to consumer opinion, with plenty of chances to win Amazon vouchers, books and other cool prizes! 



Size Matters: How to Grow Your Company By Making the Right Real Estate Decision, Including the Day Two Official Networking Drinks 

Navigating the commercial real estate market can be overwhelming, especially when an organisation’s needs are continually in-flux. There are a number of flexible workspace solutions available, but how, when and what does a growing company really need? 

Learn about emerging real estate trends and solutions that help to shape the future of a company, at any size and stage of growth. The talk will be led by Tom Sleigh Breather’s Director of Real Estate, who has over 10 years of experience in the industry, and Rory Normanton, Breather’s General Manager who was previously part of the expansion team at Uber and an Entrepreneur in Residence at Techstars. The talk will be followed by a Q&A and drinks.

The talk will take place on 19 July at 16:30 followed by exclusive drinks to close the festival! Come and relax, have a beer and network with Breather. 


Protecting Your Assets: An In-Depth Guide to Intellectual Property with Reddie & Grose

Your hard work has produced brands, designs and innovations, are you protecting those valuable assets effectively?

Our fictitious start-up client, LinkedRing, developed an intriguing product - a smart ring with heart-rate sensors, haptic and visual feedback and the ability to form mesh networks with other rings.  As well the hardware, LinkedRing have accompanying apps, which include an AI driven dating system.

Join us as our panel of patent and trade mark attorneys walk you through the case study, and how we would advise LinkedRing to protect their IP in the initial stages of their start up.

We’ll cover all aspects of IP protection:

  • Trademarks, and not just for the company name
  • Designs, including protecting GUIs
  • Patents, including how to protect software, AI, big data, and IOT

We will also walk you through the potential impact third party rights can have on a business, including those of people and companies who you may consider to be your allies; verbal agreements between friends are not enough; and NDAs can be dangerous.

We’ll round-up with some advice on exit strategies, and why you and your IP advisers should have this in mind from the initial stages.


Workshop: How to Successfully Define, Measure and Prove the Value of Your Social Strategy, Hosted by Hootsuite

As a marketer, it’s important to understand the value of your social marketing efforts. Properly calculating ROI and having a transparent view of social value is key to being successful on social. With the amount of metrics and data points available measuring ROI can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Attending this workshop will provide you the opportunity to understand how best to calculate the ROI of your social activities, that are most relevant to your organisation's goals.

We will cover:

  • How to define, measure and prove social ROI
  • Identifying the right KPIs to impact against your business goals
  • Practical steps to calculate your social media ROI

Eight Ways to Kill Innovation Before It Gets Started with Egremont Group  

How do you kill new ideas, keep things the same and stay where you are? We will share with you the hidden secrets of an organisational change bandit, giving you tips on how people choke ideas, innovation, progress and evolution within organisations.

We will cover:

  • How best to spread fear about change
  • How to dazzle with complexity
  • How to stay stuck in the present, turning a blind eye to the future
  • How to reinforce the status quo, ensuring new ideas are met with scepticism
  • How to raise expectations impossibly high to be sure of disappointing
  • How to merge with the herd and lead group think
  • How to avoid building new habits that might lead to change
  • How to beware of self-awareness

Sshhh: don’t tell anyone…they might devise some counter strategies…


What's Your Story?
Telling Tales and Saving Lives; Learn the 4 Key Secrets to Successful Storytelling

Everyday we use storytelling to sell ideas, change opinions and expand our worlds. Join our team of expert storytellers for an interactive, in-depth workshop and hear from innovators and global brands how they have succeeded by learning the art of a great story. Join Globant to learn the secrets to successful storytelling. 

During the session:
•    We will share key secrets to success
•    Question industry leaders and entrepreneurs  
•    Demonstrate live on stage how to be authentic
•    Solve a complex challenge from the audience 
•    Get interactive with Lego Serious Play

You will also hear how the Met Police have transformed how London is policed through Storytelling and we will wrap up with a fireside Q&A with our industry panel and put their storytelling skills to the test.


Don’t Balls It Up: How to Avoid the Pitfalls on Your Fast Growth Journey to Success

Join us for a fast-paced panel discussion at unbound London to hear from our expert panel of accountants from CBW and lawyers Taylor Vinters. The panel will highlight the key factors to consider on the next phase of your journey when transitioning from a 'start up' to high growth. 

Building a successful business is about riding the highs and dodging the lows whilst managing a team of highly motivated staff… not to mention ensuring that luck is on your side. There is no single path for innovators and entrepreneurs so it is important to ensure that your chosen growth path is maintained and secured at all times, and surprises, challenges, as well as opportunities are taken. 

With questions from the audience, our panel will highlight the key factors your need to consider on your journey. Topics will include: 

- International Expansion 
- The management and retention of key staff 
- Funding differences - EIS, SEIS and VC funding 
- The benefits of R&D 
- Tackling GDPR and the data you hold for your customers 
- Protecting your IP 
- Ensuring the balance between growth and compliance function is right. 

…to name more than a few! 

Our panel has successfully helped hundreds of clients expand both in the UK and globally, and enjoy the financial rewards and other benefits of doing so. Working with the right advisors is crucial to prevent a potential tax and legal disconnect once your tech business becomes global, plus to support you when it comes to assisting with fund raising opportunities, tax breaks, employment law, transfer pricing, local contract law and withholding tax issues as you expand your business and your brand. With questions from the audience, our panel will highlight the key factors your need to consider on your growth journey.


Applying Law Enforcement Techniques to Language for Sharper Strategy and More Resonant Communication

Accurate assessment of the language of consumers can reveal a goldmine of actionable insights for brands. From understanding how your brand or product is discussed compared to competitors, to understanding how consumers are evolving their opinions and attitudes; drilling into language data provides competitive advantage. Learn how to apply law enforcement techniques to the language data you already have to drive sharper strategy and more engaging content.


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