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Unbound's Main Stage has a reputation for housing cutting-edge, original content. Experts from world-leading brands have joined us over the years, including faces from The Walt Disney Company, Netflix, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Mastercard, AirAsia, Microsoft, WPP, Salesforce, LEGO and many more.  Click here to view this year's list of speakers. 

About the Main Stage

With innovation as the overarching theme, unbound offers unparalleled insight into the future of digital.

Insight is given through a variety of presentation formats, including keynotes, interviews, panels, side events, exhibitions, start-up challenges, hackathons and more. Topics explored in 2018 included: 

  • Corporate growth through innovation
  • Personalisation & Effective Ads Through Programmatic 
  • Engaging Generation Z
  • Non stop digital distraction 
  • IoT and Smart City adoption

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Festival Themes

Unbound Miami is uniting the six pillars of innovation – brands and corporations, investors, startups, researchers and academics, government agencies and media stakeholders for a two-day celebration of innovation, technology and creativity, with a LATAM twist. Check out the festival theme's here: 


The finance sector has experienced a seismic disruption in the last 10 years. With new technologies like blockchain challenging the core of commerce, it is vital that finance professionals and corporations stay closely connected with the latest innovations and macro issues affecting the finance sector.


Companies must remain innovative in order to stay ahead of the curve and avoid being left behind as a result of their inability to remain agile. While a lot of advancement in technology may be theoretical at this stage, there are numerous companies that are already advancing beyond this. Artificial Intelligence is one area in particular that while in infancy, companies are bringing solutions to market are bridging the gap between the research lab and the showroom, pioneering new business applications.  We will discuss how AI is at the forefront of Innovation explore its current uses and what the future holds for one of the most disruptive technologies of our time.


There was a time when traditional retail was all about stocking products customers might have wanted, letting everybody know through old-school mass-market advertising what was in store, and when prospective customers visited, making it as easy as possible for them to buy.


Urban areas around the world are investing in innovation to create smart cities, which are designed to improve efficiency and quality of life through data and technology. At the same time, automation is sweeping through companies relentlessly – making jobs obsolete, creating new types of jobs, and sowing a lot of anxiety in the process. With urbanization and consumption on the rise, one question that policy-makers and city administrators grapple with is both relevant and important: how do we conserve precious resources to keep cities sustainable?


Latin America faces a unique opportunity to develop the next generation of tech startup stars. Market conditions such as internet and mobile internet user growth outpace the U.S. And a GDP of 9.5T is bigger than India and almost the same as China. Not only this but the growing per-capita wealth, high mobile penetration, a hunger for e-commerce, and a large number of un- and underbanked people and businesses make Latin America one of the highest potential digital economies in the world. What are the key current trends in the region? What is needed to further unlock growth in this market?

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Mastercard's Female Founders Challenge

The unbound50 Zone

ProColombia Bring IT On

Claro Startup Showcase

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