AMTC Workshop

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AMTC Workshop

Crossing Digital Borders and Growing Your Business

Day Two From 11 - 12 PM

Small businesses and entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia often encounter many challenges such as access to financing, a lack of expertise and barriers to cross-border trade. Coupled with growing attention towards data privacy and good data practices, navigating your business in this digital economy will require much more than business acumen alone. Come join us to find out more and better still, partner us to grow your business in this region and beyond!

Part 1: Presentation: "Importance of Good Data Practice as a Competitive Advantage"

Hear from our trade expert, Dr Deborah Elms, as she shares about how embracing and implementing good data practices can actually give your business a competitive advantage in the changing digital landscape

Part 2: Roundtable: "How Other Successful SMEs Lead Across Digital and Physical Borders"

Join us for an interactive and engaging session with the Founders/CEOs of 4 SMEs and Start-ups on how they identified opportunities amidst challenges and brought their businesses across borders!

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AMTC Workshop

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A Voice for Smaller Companies

We are a diverse group of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) from across the Asia Pacific region. In leveraging our combined resources, we aim to help you capitalize on trade opportunities and grow your business.

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