Technology has had a cascade of new players into the finance space. To get ahead, challengers, incumbents, and regulators must innovate.

Finnovation will ask: Where is the digital banking landscape going? How are big banks going to survive the industry's transformation? Which technology will revolutionise the sector? 

Through interactive panels, firesides and content-focused sessions we will uncover every aspect of the financial landscape.

What will you learn?

  • Discover how platform tech companies are transitioning to financial services and what the future of mobile centric banking looks like. 
  • Uncover what Big Banks are doing to implement mass digital transformation and which startup partnerships they need to enable this.
  • Realise the latest cyber threat to your business and learn key tips for keeping your company & customers safe.
  • Understand how financial institutions are utilising blockchain and learn practical advice for adopting this technology in your organisation


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What can you expect?



FinTech in ASEAN alone grew by 143% year over year in 2018 creating over 1000 Fintech in the region. A string of platform tech companies are also entering the market making it the most diverse fintech ecosystem in the world.

Who will be the next FinTech Unicorn? What are the priorities for Fintech in Asia? Where are investors placing their money?



Companies that meet customers' mobile-first expectations will be rewarded with high retention and growth. How should organisations embrace digital transformation?

Learn the profound impact of open banking, digitalisation of services and the advancement of digital-first is affecting banking here.



Artificial Intelligence offers a myriad of possibilities for financial services. It promises to save banks $447 billion by 2023 through operational efficiency.

AI capabilities also detect sophisticated cybersecurity threats. The potential and practical application of this technology will be explored.



Payments are being transformed through digital banking with consumers having endless choices for cross-boarder payments, mobile wallets and more real-time payments. Discover where the most innovative space in FinTech is heading next and how consumers are steering this.



The digital banking race shows no signs of slowing down as challenger banks continue to disrupt traditional banks. How are big banks evolving to keep up consumer demands? Are partnerships the best way to achieve growth? What does implementing mass transformation at scale look like?



This decade could see the revitalisation of blockchain as hybrid blockchain models get introduced into organisations and regulation gets drawn up. How can we continue to make blockchain scaleable? Where will we see the most growth in the Crypto and blockchain space?

Speakers at Finnovation include...

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