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Huawei Workshop

Digital Transformation in the AI Era

Day One, 14:00 - 16:30 

In the era of hyper-connectivity, we need to stay digitally relevant more than ever. How will the prevalence of AI and AI-powered solutions change and improve the processes of digital transformation?

Come down to the Huawei workshop to learn more from experts about AI-powered smart campuses, intelligence-driven marketing analyses, a new chapter for the security industry in the AI-powered world, and the next level of intelligent and collaborative tele-presence.

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    • Fleming
    27 Jun 2019 Fleming -
    • Fleming
    27 Jun 2019 Fleming -
    Key points: 
    • Market forecast and trend of AI and Cloud services
    • Challenges and industry responses/strategies taken
    • Use cases and best practices
    • Suggestions
    • Fleming
    27 Jun 2019 Fleming -

    Key points: 

    • AI lead safety industry
    • New strategic direction: full-stack cloud, all-intelligent, all-scenario
    • Software Defined Camera: on-demand algorithms loading and continuous evolution
    • Fleming
    27 Jun 2019 Fleming -

    Key points: 

    • AI and ICT Technology
    • AI powered all scenario access and user experience
    • AI Powered DC service automation and storage
    • AI powered intelligence and ecosystems 
    • Fleming
    27 Jun 2019 Fleming -

    Key points: 

    • Voice assistant
    • Intelligent Tracking
    • Electronic nameplate
    • Ultra HD Audio & Video
    • Free collaboration

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