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As a plethora of emergent technologies works its way into our consciousness, The Infin8 stage will unpack the issues you need to know.

Expect sessions on AI ethics and application, advancing 5G, deep fakes, facial recognition, the space race, AR/VR, robotics and quantum computing. This is the place where science and technology collide.

Academics, engineers, scientists and tech entrepreneurs will convene to explore the infinite possibilities of tomorrow and to predict what technologies will effect global industry and society in the coming decade.

What will you learn?

  • Learn where the next deep tech investors are putting their money 
  • Gain practical advice for ensuring your technological adoption is ethical and without bias.
  • Discover how Deep-Tech will affect your life in the near future and how to prepare for widespread deep-tech adoption.
  • Uncover stratospheric technology powering the next decade.


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What can you expect?



Often called the final frontier, the complexity, endless size and scientific roots make Space the most fascinating field in innovation.

Mining, satellites, space tourism, security, weather control; we demystify the power of this technology and how it can transform the world.



The most impactful enabler of our time, increasing the speed of society by tenfold.

It will connect billions of devices and generate thousands of data but how close are we to mainstreaming 5G? How will organisations and individuals actually benefit from it?



Technology is scaling at a faster rate than ethics and regulation can keep up.

How will the exponential advancement of this technology align with regulation? What are the risks of this technology to mankind? How do we steer the advances of AI to create a better future for humans?



The lines between humans and technology are blurring. Super-human capabilities are being engineered to combat diseases, provide hyper-personalised healthcare and feed mass populations.

Less Sci-fi than you think, this technology is being rolled out and will benefit millions find out how at Infin8.



Data breaches are the biggest threat to organisations costing millions in damage and having a lasting impact on customers trust. Protection is a complex issue as the increase in devices and social media use has increased the portals of vulnerability. How can you protect yourself as a consumer? How are organisations utilising technology to increase security?  

Speakers at INFIN8 include...

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