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Sansan Workshop

Cold Prospecting Evolved: New Tech for Warmer Leads (and It’s Already Here)

From 4 PM - 4:30 PM on Day One

Cold prospecting isn’t dead, in fact it has evolved. That’s good news for everyone who is expanding their network and growing a business.

We scheduled this workshop near the end of Day One, when many participants would have had a full day of cold prospecting – seeking new connections with people you’ve never met. Most everyone here has done this, as a buyer and/or a seller.

Looking back on Day One, what more could we have done to enhance our efforts? Actually, with a bit of tech help, quite a lot!

Join this workshop to learn about success cases where technology made it easier to find, qualify, and reach decision-makers, and helped businesspeople build better relationships with customers for improved results.

We have a unique take on this – forged over a decade of studying business encounters and using innovation to enrich them.

Learn how innovations in contact network management help companies make better use of organization-wide connections, create warmer leads, and ultimately sell more!

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About Sansan

Cloud-Based Contact Management

Sansan is a cloud-based contact management system for companies. With a user base doubling each year, we now have over 6,000 corporate customers. Sansan is centered on business cards, and helps build a shareable database of all contacts that a company acquires. The database grows into a valuable company asset, accessible via web and mobile apps.

The process from business card to actionable data is simple and seamless: (1) Scan business cards with the Sansan Scanner Set or with our mobile app. We use a proprietary combination of AI and human input for 99.9%-accurate digitization. (2) Data extracted from scanned cards goes into a database accessible at a level of administration you control. (3) Company members can manage contacts, track communications and sales progress, and seek out and share leads, rather than storing cards and contacts individually. We have inbuilt integration with Salesforce and through Zapier, and our Open API enables seamless integration with multiple other tools.

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