Adam A. Lyle

Adam A. Lyle

Executive Chairman, Padang & Co

Adam is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Padang & Co, an innovation catalyst. Padang drives the adoption of open innovation practices in the public and private sectors enhancing organisations innovation capabilities to solve problems and develop new opportunities. A sustainability advocate, he is excited by the trend in the development of purpose driven businesses.

Adam believes that partnerships between corporates and startups is the future of work and will drive a new wave of innovation and build a resilient ecosystem. Tjis led Padang & Co to co-architect with Unilever Foundry, LEVEL3, an innovation & co-working space. LEVEL3 brings together startups, likeminded corporates and ecosystem partners to solve the “Billion-Dollar Problems” of the world. With new partnerships come unprecedented visibility into the challenges in each of these high-growth sectors and opportunities for the stakeholders to pilot new solutions.

Last year Padang & Co in partnership with BSE Enterprises ran the inaugural edition of the NASA Space Apps Challenge in Singapore. One of the Singapore teams claimed the Galatic Impact prize which gave Adam the chance to join Team Radaway for a launch at Cape Canaveral of an Atlas V Rocket carrying a TDRS satellite.

As an innovator Adam is fascinated by all that space offers – the way that it can help us better understand our planet and the way it challenges man to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Adam has lived and worked in Asia for the last 16 years moving from Australia where he worked across a number of industries including banking, telecommunications and entertainment.          



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