Alan Goh

Alan Goh

CEO, NDR Medical Technology

Alan Goh is the CEO of NDR Medical Technology, a medtech start-up that develops surgical robotics to assist surgeons during minimally invasive surgery. Driven by Artificial Intelligence and Medical Image Analysis to automate the needle targeting procedure, improves the clinical outcome, reduces radiation exposure and overall operation time. Medical Robotics will ensure surgeons of all experiences to be able to perform complex and high-risk surgery with ease. NDR is conducting clinical trials with various hospitals in Asia.

Graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with Bachelor of Engineering specializing in Mechatronics; together with a professional Graduate Diploma in medical technology manufacturing and completed courses in Charter Financial Analyst. He started his career in A*Star as a research engineer working on advance test equipment with the industry and was awarded the Outstanding Team Award in 2007 for his outstanding performance. He further advanced his career in the industry on product application, gained in-depth manufacturing experience and received Six-Sigma Green belt. Before starting NDR, he was a commercialization manager responsible for incubating and seeding medtech/biotech startups, developing business plan as well as supporting in medtech product development.



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