Darius Cheung

Darius Cheung

CEO, 99.co

Darius Cheung is the founder and CEO of 99.co, the fastest growing property portal in Southeast Asia.


99.co brings reliability, transparency and user-centric design to property market, with a mission to help consumers make better decisions on properties and property marketers do business more efficiently.


Prior to founding 99.co, Darius was the Director of Consumer Mobile Technology at McAfee, which acquired tenCube, a Singapore-based mobile security company Darius founded and served as CEO for 5 years.


At tenCube, Darius grew the startup to a team of 26 people in 2 locations over 5 years, raised 2 rounds of financing, created award-winning mobile security product WaveSecure and led the startup to profitability.


Darius was been selected as BusinessWeek’s Best Young Entrepreneurs in Asia, and for his contribution to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Darius was awarded the Singapore Youth Award, Singapore highest youth accolade. He is an angel investor in a dozen startups and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD.



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