King Quah

King Quah

Co-Founder & Managing Director, SaltyCustoms

King Quah is a versatile entrepreneur and leader with almost 8 years worth of experience in the apparel and business industry. He co-founded SaltyCustoms in 2010 and has developed the business into Asia’s first apparel consultancy which now serves more than 2000 clients in over 40 countries.

King is an energetic management professional versed in business management, finance and sales. He is a result-oriented leader who thrives in fast-paced and competitive environments. King is incredibly adaptable and talented at managing dynamic and cross-functional teams around the globe.

Over the years, King has succeeded in multiple ventures in SaltyCustoms and beyond, but he has been incredibly passionate about one thing, and that is growth. The growth of his people and himself. He ensures that he always thinks 10 steps ahead when it comes to growing his business. Being able to digitize and automate a once archaic process has been a turning point for the business.



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