Melvin Tan

Melvin Tan

Co-Founder, Kakis

Melvin is the Co-Founder of Kakis (previously known as Lunch Kaki), a popular local social networking app that was featured in IOS social networking category in Feb 2016 and 2017 amongst a sea of giant social apps.

He began his career as an equity execution trader in a bank-back brokerage.  He took a switch and joined the fascinating world of ecommerce. At Checkout.com, he provided innovative payment solutions to local and international ecommerce merchants wishing to expand and improve their traffic conversion. He started the app then and went through the school of hard knocks. 

Melvin earned his Masters in Applied Finance from Macquarie University and did his Bachelors of Commerce (Finance) in University of Queensland, Brisbane.

A demonstrated hustler who thinks out of the box and makes things happen by defying all odds. Believes in “Strangers are just friends whom you have not met”.



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