Rajiv Menon

Rajiv Menon

Managing Director, Cisco Investments and M&A

As Head of Cisco Investments and M&A for Asia Pacific and Japan, Rajiv leads an experienced team of Investment professionals that manage an active portfolio of start-ups in IOT, Customer Experience Management, Location Analytics, V2V/V2X communication, Open Source Middleware, Connected Mobility and Smart City applications amongst several others. Rajiv and his team are also responsible for M&A and Joint Venture partnerships across Asiapacific & Japan as well as managing LP positions in Australia, India, Japan, Korea and Singapore.  

Prior to his current role, Rajiv served as the Managing Director for Cisco Capital Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China. In all, Rajiv has over 22 years of experience in credit structuring, term lending, trade finance, money market trading, venture lending, venture investing and M&A. Prior to joining Cisco, he co-founded Captive Finance Corporation that operated as an independent company for 6 years before being acquired by Fortis Bank. 

Originally from New Delhi, he began his corporate finance career with the venerable Tata Group after receiving his Masters in Finance from the University of Delhi. Mr. Menon now resides in Singapore with his family and is an avid Polo player.  



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