Shaun Chong

Shaun Chong

Chief Technology Officer, Ninja Van

Shaun Chong is Ninja Van's Chief Technology Officer. As the technical CoFounder, he is responsible for the digital fabric that powers Ninja Van’s proprietary systems, optimising the logistics process for Ninja Van’s regional customers.

Apart from overseeing Ninja Van's technology strategy, roadmap and vision, Shaun drives innovation through research & development activities and leverages emerging technologies to bring the newest innovations to the logistics vertical. When Shaun is developing the latest technology solutions, he is guided by the company’s goal of providing hasslefree delivery experiences for customers by ensuring that systems are built to be scaleable , with a strong focus on datadriven decision making.

Prior to Ninja Van, Shaun was Lead Engineer at Nubefy, a technology startup focusing on cloud platforms and infrastructure. Shaun graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the National University of Singapo re. As a person who enjoys creating things, his love of tinkering has extended to his latest project of building Ninja Van’s very first pizza oven.



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