William Lee

William Lee

Adjunct Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, NUS

Adjunct A/Prof William Lee worked for 10 years at Panasonic Corporation (under the Matsushita Electric Industrial Scholarship, Osaka Japan) as a Research and Development Engineer; and upon completion of his post-graduate training in New York City, he worked for another 13 years at Hewlett-Packard Company (Palo Alto, California) as Principal of Technology Operations within the Printing and Personal Computer Systems Group.

He has gained deep industrial experiences from research innovation, product development, manufacturing, procurement and supply-chain operations, go-to-market and commercialization strategies; including NPV justification for new program corporate funding allocation, business model creation and breakeven projections. Aggregated the latest technologies from over 10 Global Labs into advanced development for mass-pro transfer into Singapore, Malaysia and China; while managing logistics and worldwide distributions with customer service delivery through EMEA (Europe Middle-East Africa), The Americas including Canada and Asia-Pacific with Japan regional hubs into over 150 countries across the entire Global Business Unit. In addition to bringing ink disruptive technology for creating new market segments into multi-million dollar revenue within 7 years of general worldwide availability.

At the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Engineering (FoE), he has appointments as Adjunct Associate Professor, since 2015, at the Institute for Engineering Leadership (IEL), teaching Enterprise Development (Technology-to-Market) with the Masters for Management of Technology Program and concurrently serving as Innovation Manager at the NUS Advanced Robotics Centre (ARC); where he works on the novel Robotics, Autonomous Technology with Artificial Intelligence concept, architecture and development of  innovative solutions from Research and IP translational activities as well as taking charge of delivery of the final prototype; in addition to ramping-up the deployment for real-world field operations of excellence.

On the Research translational front, with the latest autonomous technologies developed by NUS-ARC and SMART-NUS (Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology) The Future Urban Mobility Lab; A/Prof William Lee is tasked to bring Technology-to-Market via a spin-off, a new startup to exploit and commercialize this set of IP, into the space for high-density pedestrian pathway with autonomous devices as the “last” of the last-mile solution for market entry. From 1st July 2018, A/Prof William Lee will be named as CEO of AImatix Pte Ltd, co-founding this NUS Enterprise-enabled startup seed funded by Origgin and Avior Capital; concurrently, he has also been asked to serve as ICMG Consulting Professor to a Venture Co-Creation Space advising future Deep Technology spin-offs from NUS.



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