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Why Attend Innovfest Unbound?

Uncover the Power of Innovation

Innovfest Unbound is an innovation festival specifically designed to connect brands and corporations with startups, and the cutting-edge technology that startups offer. More than that, organisations use Innovfest Unbound to build their own platforms, connect with key audience members, and deliver their strategic objectives.

For startups, festivals are the opportunity to meet individuals crucial to their future success: investors, clients and partners.

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What to Expect in 2019


What's in It for You?

Corporate & Brand Executives

Innovfest Unbound is the place for brands and corporates to meet founders and entrepreneurs from around the globe. It offers numerous opportunities to engage with groundbreaking innovation and disruptive technology.

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Startups - Founders & Innovators

For startups, Innovfest Unbound offers the perfect platform to connect with partners, investors and consumers. It provides opportunities to pitch to leading brands, take part in hackathons, innovation challenges and competitions. Register your interest in Innovfest Unbound 2019 by contacting Mark Hudson,

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Unbound connects you with leading cross-vertical disruptive technologies, products and services that will shape the future and fuel innovation and growth.


Government Agencies

National and local governments come to our events to showcase their best technology companies to the European market and also attract inward investment to their own countries.

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