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Deep-dive Workshops at innovfest unbound 

In addition to the Main Stage and our trend-focused content streams, our partners ran a selection of useful Workshops for ticket holders. If you'd like to get involved in innovfest unbound 2019, register your interest with us by contacting Mark Hudson,


Workshops at innovfest unbound 2018

When Machines Fight Machines: Cyber Battles & the New Frontier of Artificial Intelligence, Powered by Darktrace

The cyber-threat landscape is changing. In addition to high speed attacks, today’s most sophisticated threat-actors are playing a longer game - one that is silent and stealthy. Their objective is to disrupt operations, undermine trust, or simply learn trade secrets by going undetected inside networks.

Digital environments are changing too. Increasing digitization, the surge of IoT devices, and the cloud mean that network boundaries are more porous than ever. Securing the perimeter simply isn’t possible.

To defend against threats that are continually evolving, tomorrow’s cybersecurity must go beyond looking for yesterday’s attacker – it must find what it doesn’t know to look for. AI technologies have led to the emergence of self-learning, self-defending networks that achieve this – detecting and autonomously responding to in-progress attacks in real time. These cyber immune systems enable the security team to focus on high-value tasks, can counter even machine-speed threats, and work in all environments, including the cloud.

In this session, guests learned about:

  • Navigating new types of cyber-threats, including weaponized AI
  • Overcoming the limitations of the legacy approaches to information security
  • Adopting an ‘immune system’ model for cyber security, powered by machine learning
  • The power of AI to fight back autonomously against in-progress attacks
  • Real-world cyber-threats thwarted by machine learning, including IoT hacks and stealthy insider threats
dark trace

Edison Room 

Two full days of sessions curated by NUS Enterprise, delving into the most pressing issues in innovation and business across diverse fields.

The sessions showcased the latest Medtech startup innovations in robotics, sensors and assistive devices; provided insights into the new venture opportunities in smart and sustainable urban living and how supercomputing and AI is transforming the maritime industry.

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The Founder’s Journey – Has It Been Really Worth It?
Hosted by Dentons Rodyk

Moderator: Dentons Rodyk's senior partner and head of corporate practice, S. Sivanesan 
Panellists: Joel Bar-El, co-founder & CEO at Trax, Dmitry Voronenko, co-founder & CEO at Turnkey Lender, Sam Lim, founder & CEO at Reebonz 

This panel discussion is moderated by Dentons Rodyk's senior partner and head of corporate practice, S. Sivanesan, who is joined by speakers Joel Bar-El, co-founder & CEO at Trax, a company providing computer vision solutions and analytics for retail, Dmitry Voronenko, co-founder & CEO at Turnkey Lender, a cloud-based, online lending system for entrepreneurial lenders and mid-size financial institutions, and Sam Lim, founder & CEO at Reebonz, Southeast Asia's largest online luxury retailer. 

These panellists are veteran entrepreneurs who shared their incredible journeys and reflected on the challenges they encountered, the good, difficult, bad and testing times, and those moments when they wondered if it was all worth it. They spoke about the sacrifices that they and those around them had to make, the opportunities they had to forego or wished they could have followed, and ultimately if their dreams were fulfilled. The panellists also shared with the audience about whether they are still passionate about what they do and what drives them to press on. 


JLL - Proptech Unleashed

Platinum Partner JLL hosted a Proptech Forum, exploring the impact of smart cities and how corporates can successfully innovate. The forum provided guests the perfect opportunity to network with like-minded individuals to gain insight into the world of proptech.


Extract the Disruptive Value of Business Encounters With Sansan

Kazu Fukuda, Head of Global Sales at Sansan 

Sansan from Japan was founded in 2007 and is backed by Nikkei, Goldman Sachs and Sansan delivers cloud based contact management services for global companies and maximizes sales and operational efficiency for business functions that rely on business cards exchange. WIth Sansan, simply scan business cards and effortlessly create a complete database of your company's contacts, customers, clients, partners etc. Establish a permanent resourse for your company which is accessible from your PC and your smartphone. Using AI, we are developing a "hot leads" services which will keep you up to date with opportunities. 

Sansan services over 7,000 corporate clients world wide, including Singapore governmental agencies such as A*Star and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and in Japan, METI (Japanese Ministry), the mega-banks, Toyota, Intel and various MNCs. Sansan is the leader in Japan with over 80% share in the B2B cloud business card management market. 



How to Hire Millennials Effectively

Distinguished Speakers: 
Nguyen Phuong Minh (Celine), Head of People & Culture, Circles.Life
Sharon Tan, Group Recruitment Advisor, Singtel Group
Tricia Duran, HR Director, SEAA, Unilever

Do you know that by 2025, millennials will fill nearly 75% of the global workforce? Competition for this hyper-connected, tech savvy generation is fierce - The hiring process is changing, and it’s no secret that some companies are struggling to meet the needs of creating a more attractive workplace for the next-generation workforce.

Knowing more about companies than anyone ever did before, millennials are making more informed decisions; and research shows they are attracted to employers whose brands they admire as consumers. How then do we redefine, reinvigorate and reinforce a more desirable employer brand -- a company’s reputation as an employer to attract millennials out there?

Top HR leaders who have created success stories within their companies came together to host this workshop to share insights on how to effectively hire millennial talents. Guests learned tips on how to evolve their hiring and communication strategies to craft a strong employer brand which remains relevant and aligned to what millennials truly desire.

Japan: Creating Social Good through Collaborative Innovation

Leading into the 21st Century, it is no longer business as usual for companies that seek to do business in ASEAN. Under the region's rapid economic growth lie many social challenges faced by nations today, such as urbanisation, environmental issues and ageing populations. Japan, having extensive experience with such issues, took the stage to share how Japanese innovation contribute to the sustainable development of ASEAN countries through collaboration in many key business fields. 

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