CASE STUDY - IoT startup competition for Cisco, Intels and Deutsche Bank

Uncovering the most promising IoT startups for Cisco, Intel & Deutsche Telekom

Unbound partnered with Cisco, Intel & Deutsche Telekom for the delivery of a global IoT start-up competition. The program ran over 6 months prior to the event, scouting the best-in-class IoT start-ups from across the globe to participate in an IoT competition hosted by an inter-company IoT collaboration between Cisco, Intel & Deustche Telekom (challengeUp!). The finals were held at Unbound London in front of an audience of 300+ VIPs, investors, corporates and brands. ​​

The selected start-ups were invited to exhibit free of charge at Unbound London in an IoT Experiential Zone which showcased the start-ups’ technologies as well as Cisco/Intel/Deutsche Telekom’s IoT innovation drive. 

Key Deliverables

  • Curation and delivery of the Challenge Up! IoT competition ​
  • Design and build of the IoT Zone at Unbound London​
  • Scouting and attracting start-ups to participate​
  • Generate publicity and press support​


  • Provided an platform for Cisco, Intel & Deutsche Telekom to scout, evaluate and engage with the key start-ups and cutting-edge innovations in IoT globally ​
  • Positioned Cisco, Intel and Deutsch Telekom  at the forefront of Innovation​
  • Provided access to the Unbound’s vast network of global start-ups & entrepreneurs ​
  • Promoted Cisco, Intel and Deutsche Telekom’s initiative to an influential audience of brands, corporates, entrepreneurs, investors, government, press & media 


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