SpeakerBlaise Bellville

Blaise Bellville

Founder & CEO, Boiler Room

Boiler Room founder Blaise Bellville created a new underground music network quite literally from a utility room.

Blaise left school at 18 and founded many businesses before starting the worldwide phenomenon that is Boiler Room, which reaches over 72 million music fans every month worldwide.

Beginning as a club promoter and DJ, Blaise’s first business to gain national recognition was All Age Concerts. Founded when he was 25, it kicked off an under-age gig movement across the country, even creating a festival for 10,000 in Victoria Park at the movement’s peak in 2010.

In the same era, he created online magazine Read Platform, which was written by and run for teenagers. It was while running his, surrounded by other London music obsessives that Boiler Room was born. Bellville enlisted Thristian Richards, who worked for Soul Jazz and Gilles Peterson and Femi Adeyemi, founder of online radio station NTS and organised a weekly hang out/ session – broadcast from a webcam and Ustream to the world from the utility room in the warehouse it was run out of.

The session run by the electronic music scene, for the electronic scene quickly drew big name guests. Jamie XX, SBKRT and Hudson Mohawke all turned up for early session to DJ and hang out. Though Read Platform was drawing 300,000 unique users, Boiler Room soon mushroomed passed it in popularity. Since 2010 it has gone global, with a growing and significant fan base in Latin America, partnership with Japan’s biggest streaming provider, key broadcast hubs in Berlin, New York and Los Angeles and the dedication of the most hard core, committed music fans on the planet.


Founded in a small space of the same name at a warehouse in 2010, Boiler Room is now a global online music and content broadcasting platform. It offers what it calls “music TV for the internet age”. From humble beginnings, Boiler Room now regularly reaches audiences both online and offline of more than 17m unique viewers a month from Rio to Beijing, Montreal to Lagos, Sydney to Belfast. Boiler Room has created unique experiences with a range of brands including Ray Ban, Red Bull and Budweiser. Blaise Bellville comes to unbound to discuss how to secure brand partnerships, how to work collaboratively whilst retaining authenticity, and ultimately how to ensure you’re giving your audiences what they want.
July 20, 2017
3:30 pm - 4:00 pm