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Unbound connects brands and corporates with disruptive technology, products and services, in order to fuel their innovation and growth.

Working with our partners through creative initiatives (hackathons, startup accelerators, battles, pitch sessions, innovation days and more) in key industries, we help businesses solve the digital transformation challenges they’re facing, and thus build for the future. Unbound Labs is the link between brands and corporations seeking to innovate quickly and the startups that can provide them with the disruptive technologies, products and services they require. Labs helps today’s brands meet tomorrow’s innovation.

How We Do It

We use a 5-step process. It’s a comprehensive, in-depth method that provides you with what you need to stay ahead, grow and maintain a competitive advantage.

Companies are under constant pressure to adapt their business models in order to stay relevant in an ever-changing world. This means being innovative in the way they use digital. It means expanding and being creative with their digital footprint in order to retain, attract and engage with savvy customers.



We look at the latest trends in innovation affecting the digital world, so that you can better understand how these are impacting on your business.


We identify the areas in which you need to be innovative, so that you can adapt and improve the way your business functions.


We devise a strategy to solve the problems identified. This involves reaching out to innovators who can help solve the relevant issues.


We develop tailor-made solutions for your business by working with leading pre-vetted startups and innovative technologies.


We implement the technology, product or service into your business. This often takes the form of a trial or pilot project.

What We Do

To successfully implement digital transformation strategies, Unbound offers several approaches. These help businesses innovate and adapt their business models through collaboration, shared learning, and close involvement with startups.

Our Focuses


Artificial Intelligence

Big Data






Internet of Things





Smart Cities

Social Impact

Digital Economies

Unbound Innovation Labs Clients

Case Studies

A Startup Battle for Unilever

Generating a shortlist of over 150 Adtech startups and a pilot project with Unilever.

A Hackathon for Barclays

Sourcing 25 Fintech startups to solve a cybersecurity issue faced by the bank.

A Startup Showcase for Claro

Recommending 15 semi-finalists startups and five winners who went on to pitch in Guatemala at the mobile giant's HQ.

An Accelerator Launch with Oracle Startup Cloud 

Aimed at unearthing the world’s best startups and offering them mentorship, free co-working space and more.

An Evening with Salesforce & SGInnovate

Bringing together some of the world’s brightest minds to discuss the future of AI and its potential and pitfalls. 

An IoT Startup Competition for Cisco, Intel & Deutsche Telekom 

Producing an IoT competition hosted by an inter-company IoT collaboration between Cisco, Intel & Deustche Telekom.  

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