CASE STUDY - Unilever Startup Battle

Uncovering the most promising startups for the Unilever Startup Battle 

In its endeavour to identify the best emerging retail and adtech in the region, Unilever Foundry chose to hold a startup battle at Unbound in Singapore.

Tapping into Unbound’s extensive startup network, it offered a cash prize and pilot project opportunity to the most cutting edge technology on offer. A panel of judges - Unilever executives and other industry leaders –created a shortlist of the 20 most promising, who then battled on the Unbound Main Stage. The Battle, with a $3K prize, was watched live by thousands of delegates and streamed on Facebook to over 5,000 viewers.

Alongside the Battle, Unbound curated an Innovation Day for 100 Unilever executives, delivering panels, workshops and sessions to educate them in the trends and technologies most relevant to the FMCG giant

  • Everyone is exchanging ideas, everybody is showing off what they have
    Dirk Ahlborn
    CEO, Hyperloop
  • I’m blown away, there is amazing energy just walking through the door
    Nick Drake
    SVP Digital, T-Mobile

Key Deliverables

  • Identified 20 cutting-edge adtech startups to feed the Unilever Foundry Singapore intake 
  • Created a huge PR buzz around the live startup battle
  • Curated over 20 sessions and workshops on pre-identified themes and narratives, to educate over 100 Unilever employees in the latest trends in innovation


  • Promoted the Unilever Foundry narrative both to a wide range of tech innovators in the region
  •  Provided an opportunity to scout, engage, and evaluate key startups for potential partnerships with Unilever
  • Acted as the key regional innovation gathering for Unilever executives in Southeast Asia


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